Does when I eat affect my weight? You and Your Hormones from the Society for Endocrinology

Does when I eat affect my weight? You and Your Hormones from the Society for Endocrinology

If symptoms carry on, ask your doctor if you may benefit from taking an additional medicine to protect your stomach. The higher the dose of prednisolone that you take and the longer you take it for, the greater the chance of side effects. You’re less likely to get side effects if you take a relatively low dose of prednisolone daily.

If you do find yourself hungry and in need of the occasional snack at night, we recommend eating a piece of fruit or vegetable sticks. Fruit and vegetables contain a good mix of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fibre. Other snacking options include unsalted nuts and seeds, oatcakes, rice cakes, wholegrain crackers, or unsweetened yogurts.

These types of investigations are not yet available in all hospitals. Another test that could be suggested is a CT (computerised tomography) scan. This can help diagnose GCA and see if there are any complications. CT scans create detailed images of what is happening inside the body using many x-rays.

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We treat inguinal hernias in your groin with keyhole or open surgery so they do not get bigger or more painful. A guide for living with HS and coping with the emotional and practical effects. We treat hernias with keyhole or open surgery so they do not get bigger or more painful. Specialist deep cleaning can help with gum disease and symptoms such as red, swollen, sore and bleeding gums.

  • Questions about your medicines you can ask the doctor, nurse or pharmacist including how and when to take them, side effects and what they do.
  • It might also happen if you have lymphoma in your gut (gastrointestinal tract) or if you have radiotherapy to your gut.
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They should also be interested in following your progress during treatment. While this is a substantial gain, the researchers couldn’t find any connection to improved performance or increased strength. • Prader Willi syndrome — A genetic disorder that can cause reduced muscle tone, low sex drive and the feeling of being constantly hungry.

Other symptoms

However, there are some side effects that your vet will try to minimise. These range from being merely somewhat troublesome, through to some which are potentially very significant. The degree of side effects tends to be related to the dose used, but some individuals are more susceptible to side effects than others.

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If this happens, you might gain weight even if your appetite doesn’t increase. When your child is diagnosed with a brain tumour, it’s not just the tumour causing the symptoms. Brain tumours cause swelling in brain tissue surrounding the tumour, leading to symptoms like headaches, nausea, vomiting, seizures and increased intracranial pressure.

The infection is then passed into your white blood cells before spreading through the lymphatic system. To diagnose glandular fever, your GP will first ask about your symptoms before carrying out a physical examination. They will look for characteristic signs of glandular fever, such as swollen glands, tonsils, liver and spleen. Most EBV infections are thought to occur during childhood and cause only mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all.

Their effect will also depend on the exact type and dosage of steroid prescribed for you. You should contact your advice line urgently if you think you have an infection. Symptoms of an infection include a change in temperature, aching muscles, headaches, feeling cold and shivery and generally unwell. You might have other symptoms depending on where the infection is.

A side effect of some medications, including chemotherapy and some targeted therapies, is that food tastes different. During your treatment, you might also be more at risk of developing infections, such as mouth (oral) thrush. The UK government sets out recommendations on eating a healthy and balanced diet. The higher the dose and the longer you are on steroids, the more weight you are likely to put on.

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Endoscopic muscosal resection (EMR) is a gastroscopy procedure to remove pre-cancerous cells, or small areas of cancer, without the need for major surgery. Information for anybody who has diabetic eye screening using Tropicamide 1% eye drops. It is important to know the possible side effects until your sight returns to normal. How to prepare for dental day surgery under general anaesthetic and understanding what happens afterwards.

The chronic, unpredictable nature of MS makes it difficult to manage. It is understandable that you won’t always have a willingness to take part in physical activity but consider exercise as part of an overall management plan. It is worth keeping a simple food diary for a couple of days – not necessarily to “calorie count” but so that you can spot easy ways to cut back. An asthma inhaler, for example, delivers almost all of the steroid only to where it is needed; the tubes of the lungs.